LG Pay White Card appears in leaked images

By | 28th January 2016


In November, we passed along a report that LG was in the early stages of preparing a mobile payment system of its own called ‘LG Pay.’ As it turns out, that report was indeed true.

Unlike Samsung Pay, Android Pay and Apple Pay, LG Pay will operate differently. Instead of processing payments using a smartphone, a plastic card will be required at checkout. Earlier today, an LG Pay White Card surfaced for the first time in a few images. Although it won’t eliminate the wallet, this may be LG’s best shot at launching a payment service that is accessible to the masses.


The LG Pay White Card will seemingly combine multiple credit and debit cards seamlessly into one. The card has a built-in low-power LCD display for guidance and built-in buttons for quick controls. Sources say that the buttons could be used to switch between cards. Considering the fact that the card requires power, it must be charged in some way. This is where the pins on the left side come into play. These pins will probably offer some kind of charging solution.


LG is currently working to put the cards into mass production in South Korea. According to sources, the company already produced 50,000 cards for testing purposes and is well on its way to making this become a reality. Even though it’s a bit of a long shot, it’ll be on our list of things to watch out for at MWC 2016.

Source: ETNews
Via: GForGames

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