Top 5 Google Maps Tips – XDA TV

By | 28th January 2016

When he’s not destroying innocent phones, XDA TV Host Ronald spends his time exploring. Exploring the world can be a dangerous task. You shouldn’t leave the house without knowing your way around Google Maps! With so many amazing features there will be a few that go unnoticed. In this video Ronald explores the top five Google Maps tricks that you may not have heard of. Grab a pen and check this video out!

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  • Number 5: Download Offline Maps (Timecode: 00:16 – 01:02)
  • Number 4: Share Location With Friends (Timecode: 01:03 – 01:43)
  • Number 3: Send Location from PC to Phone (Timecode: 01:44 – 02:29)
  • Number 2: Create Private Google Maps (Timecode: 02:30 – 03:04)
  • Number 1: Measure Distance in Google Maps (Timecode: 03:05 – 03:54)

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