Venmo launches third-party payment support with two partners

By | 28th January 2016


PayPal-owned Venmo is expanding its capabilities by unlocking third-party payment support. For now, it’s in a limited release that reaches select users who can use just two partnering services. It’s also iOS-only at this time, but we’re confident PayPal is pushing Venmo to support Android as quickly as possible.

Select users can use Venmo to pay for event tickets on Gametime, and to have gourmet meals delivered on Munchery, with more merchants and additional functionality coming soon. But, this is just the beginning. From here, we want our users to be a part of this journey, and provide feedback about the experience. We appreciate everyone’s patience and support as we focus on building and delivering upon what our users love: the familiar delight and ease of paying with Venmo within their favorite merchant apps.


Within a supported app, the Venmo button will appear to move you right through the checkout process. The app will ask for authentication and, if approved, Venmo will approve the transaction without handing over payment details.

Third-party payment support also works with Venmo’s bill-splitting, personal purchase history, and sharing features.

Venmo will notify users by email when you’re able to take advantage of third-party payment support.

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Source: Venmo

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