Yahoo updates app and homepage with more news-centric focus

By | 28th January 2016


Yahoo announced today an overhaul to the Yahoo app and the platform’s homepage on the desktop for U.S. users. Yahoo says the focus of the updates is to help users consume content and engage the community based on news. Part of the effort is to help surface developing stories and then get the community engaged by removing barriers.

Yahoo indicates they undertook the redesign and refocus effort based on trends in mobile data consumption. During 2015, news and magazine apps saw usage grow by 141%, which Yahoo thinks is justification for shifting their platform to focus more on news and delivery of a news feed to users.

Yahoo says their news feed will now be endless with related stores showing up inline. This means multiple browser tabs do not need to be utilized to sift through content. Yahoo says they are also making it easier to access both curated content as well as content based on user preferences. To help make that last portion function better, users need to increase their use of the platform.

The second piece of the update involves encouraging “conversations” around the news that is being delivered. Yahoo indicates comments will now be delivered in-line to make it easier for users to “surface” the thoughts of the community. Likewise, users will be able to share their own ideas and contributions in a more direct way.

If you are interested in what Yahoo is doing with their platform, head over to their homepage or install the Yahoo news app from the Play Store using the link below.

Play Store Download Link

source: Yahoo

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