Get smart with new Google Calendar update

By | 29th January 2016


Google is rolling out an update to the Calendar app on both Android and iOS devices that make the app just a little bit smarter than it has been. That is a good thing for users as they can access new holidays, new languages and adding events has a new workflow available to make it a little bit quicker.

The big change with the update is a new feature called “smart suggestions” that is supposed to help make it easier and quicker to add an event. When a user starts typing the title for a new event they are adding, Google will suggest possible matches in a list that appears below the data entry field. Users can click on one of those to finish populating the title or just keep typing if it is something new.

The enhancements do not stop with the title though. If users keep typing “at…” or pick it from the list that appears, they can quickly add a location. Google will again provide options to selection a location from a list based on what is being typed. Users can continue with the “with…” option to add people – though this does not send an invite – and they can type “on…” to pick a date, time and duration. The last option is only available for English language users. The other features are available in several languages.

Along with the enhancements to the suggestions routine, Google added over 30 languages – I count 41 in the list although some are variations of the same language – that support the smart suggestions feature and the Calendar app in general. Google also added 54 new country-specific holiday calendars that can be activated by users by going to Settings -> Holidays. This brings the total number of country-specific holiday calendars to 143. Those join four religious holidays calendars covering Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Orthodox holidays.

Finally, Google also made it a bit easier to delete calendar entries by tapping on the overflow button and selecting the Delete option without having to do a full edit job.

You can get the Google Calendar app from the Play Store using the link below.

Play Store Download Link

source: Google

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