Must-have Android apps for your new device [2016]

By | 29th January 2016


There are so many Android apps out there that it can be difficult to tell which one is a necessity for your new smartphone or tablet. We here at Talk Android have taken the liberty of scraping through the Play Store in search of some of the best applications you should download on your smartphone first. Take a look after the break!



If you’ve never felt quite ready to enter the world of facebook, now is the time. Connect with family and friends all over the world, never losing touch with your parents in Germany or your son who is away at college. Facebook opens the lines of communication for everyone, making it easier than ever before to keep up with your favorite celebrities, TV shows, businesses, and more. Have a loved one near a tragic disaster? Facebook enables a Safety Check for those near the disaster location to let their family and friends know they’re okay.

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Nova Launcher


Nova Launcher is an app that will essentially let you customize what your home screen looks like! You can change your app icons, how you want your apps displayed, as well as adding more screens to fit more apps. Make your smartphone absolutely unique by changing the colors, too. Nova Launcher is free, but for just a few dollars, you can purchase the Prime version, which opens up things like more scrolling and notification options.

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Sometimes a handful of words makes a greater impact than a thousand, and with Twitter, we see that in action every day! Share your thoughts or wisdom with the world, or read someone else’s. Keep up with world news and see what’s trending right now, as well watch your favorite celebrities live-tweet special events. Don’t miss out on another giveaway, author-rant, or Q&A. Discover the world of hashtags, and even create your own. Some say the 140 character-limit is limiting, but we think it opens up a whole new world of consolidated thought!

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Are you use to using your favorite genre-station app, having to skip all of the songs you don’t like, and eventually running out of skips? We know that can be frustrating! With Spotify, you add your favorite songs into a playlist and press play! Yes, it’s that easy, and with minimal commercials. The best part? Spotify is free. Say goodbye to CDs and limiting radio stations. Spotify puts you in charge of what you listen to.

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What did the world ever do before Instagram? With Instagram, you document your life, through pictures. You can choose to let the world see your gallery, or just your friends—and you’re not just taking pictures, but you’re taking memories. Your vacation to Cancun, your engagement ring, your dinner at Club 33, or maybe a picture of your kids at the park at sunset—whatever you decide to document, Instagram will save it in their cloud which will protect your memories from the scrapbooks getting wet or your phone dying for good.

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Angry Birds 2


It may have took Rovio years to offer a true sequel to the original hit title, but Angry Birds is truly back in Angry Birds 2, and better than ever! In Angry Birds 2, you’ll get the opportunity to choose which bird you use to overcome the bad piggies. There are boss challenges, new power-ups, more dynamic levels, and an option to play against other people. Angry Birds 2 may be free, but they sure didn’t compromise the quality.

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SwiftKey Keyboard


Is your Android keyboard too tiny, too boring, or too challenging to adjust to? Make sure to grab SwiftKey Keyboard from the Google Play Store! Swiftkey offers an endless amount of amazing, colorful keyboard designs, as well as incredible adaptive features. Swiftkey gets to know how you type, eliminating your most frequent typos, preparing the next word you’d likely say, and much more! SwiftKey is fluent in over a hundred languages, making it the best keyboard for you, no matter where you are on the map.

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SnapChat_TA (1)

Don’t think Snapchat is just for the kids! Far from it. Whether you have a business or you’re just trying to advertise your personal brand, Snapchat is for you! Show your followers your “story” by taking snaps of your everyday life and adding a caption, text, emoji, filters, and even current-location stickers! You can send snaps directly to your friends and even include a time limit on how long the photo can be viewed before it self-destructs. Just remember, whatever pictures you send can easily be saved by a simple screenshot.

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ES File Explorer


ES File Explorer is a file manager, and one of the best available today. Easily access or share smartphone files to your computer, and vice versa. With a cloud available for file storing, you’ll never run out of space! You can protect specific files with a password, and you can even use it to view pictures, listen to music and watch movies.

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Google Keep


You know the Monday feeling. The one where you bolt out of bed realizing you missed your alarm. As you make coffee, a thousand things you need to remember for the day are running through your head: Don’t forget the meeting at noon. Remember to grab eggs at the store because the Smiths are coming for dinner. Don’t forget the Redbox movie on your way out the door. With Google Keep, you can quickly set reminders and take fast notes at any time! You even have the option to color-code them or share them with others. I can’t count all the times I’ve forgotten to grab a notepad for a meeting and Google Keep has come through.

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The name says it all. Zedge offers every ringtone imaginable, whether that’s your favorite song or maybe a customized ringtone for each of your contacts (yes, even your boss!). Zedge has a variety of stunning, eye-catching wallpaper, along with a collection of live wallpapers. See the northern lights, motivational quotes, or your favorite emoji every time you pull out your phone. The Zedge app is free and a breeze to use. Definitely an Android-essential!

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The Weather Channel


With The Weather Channel app, you can track the temperature wherever you are, as well as stay alerted of any major storms. The app will also notify you of severe weather alerts in your area, so that you can be well prepared. Check on road conditions and pollen levels to make sure your travel route is safe. This app also includes a “Rewards” section, where you can earn mPoints by following and tagging The Weather Channel on social media, playing games, and more!

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Anything you come across on the internet, you can save to read later with Pocket. Spend time accumulating your to-read list by saving articles to the app, and pull it up when you’re in the waiting room or on lunch break. Pocket works great for articles you want to finish but are too long to read immediately. Take everything in smaller doses with Pocket, eliminating the dreaded tl;dr syndrome.

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Lastpass is a secure way to save all of your passwords and personal information in one place. If you find yourself constantly reviewing old emails, out of ideas for strong passwords, or searching tirelessly for a little scrap of paper where you wrote down your password or other piece of information, this one’s for you! When you download Lastpass, it’ll be the last password you lose.

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Candy Crush

Candy_Crush_Saga_TA (1)

Candy Crush is all the rage, and we can see why. With so much candy, and so many levels and challenges, Candy Crush is addicting! The developers are always adding new content, providing new opportunities for you to beat you and your friends’ high scores in this candy palooza.

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And that wraps up what we think are the best applications to download after getting a new Android smartphone or tablet! However, it can be difficult deciding which of these applications should go on your smartphone. After all, there are a lot of high-quality Android apps here, but you may not be interested in all of them.

If you’re looking for a quick and fun game to play, Candy Crush might be right up your alley. But maybe you’d rather spend your time on social networks. In that case, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram are all great choices. Need a safe place for sensitive information like account and Wi-Fi passwords? Then LastPass will suit you well!

Whatever the case, there’s something for everybody on this list. And with that, we’d like to turn the mic over to our readers. What are your favorite applications that you might recommend for someone who’s just starting out with Android? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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