Rumor: LG will unveil a universal payment card at MWC

By | 29th January 2016

As services like Android and Apple Pay have become the standard in payment systems, anyone trying to enter the game now has to have something good to compete. Samsung Pay, for example, doesn’t just rely on NFC for secure payments, it can also use traditional magnetic card readers by generating a magnetic field. If rumors are right, LG will have its own unique feature with LG Pay in the form of a universal payment card.

Much like Coin, LG’s universal payment card is rumored to be a Bluetooth-powered magnetic card that will allow users to store and use any number of cards with the simple press of a button. Called the “White Card,” the unit appearing in leaked pictures shows contacts for charging, a low-power LCD and buttons to switch between cards. The card also features LG Pay branding.

Expected to be unveiled at MWC, it will be interesting to see how LG positions the White Card. Will it be the must have accessory of the show, or is LG’s idea of backing an antiquated technology going to fall flat? We don’t have long now to find out.