The Division Open Beta: 7 Problems & Fixes

By | 29th January 2016

The Division Open Beta: 7 Problems & Fixes is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.

Just like that, video game developer Ubisoft is giving players another change to check out its forthcoming third-person shooter this week. The Division Open Beta has arrived, with a new story mission, events and some fixes that that Massive Entertainment added following the previous beta release.

Often delayed, The Division is Ubisoft’s biggest game release for some time. It’s not just another open-world game from the studio that defined them with the Assassin’s Creed series. It’s an online role-playing game, a chance for players to create an avatar in their image and, at least digitally, live in a world apart from their own. The New York in The Division was ravaged by a mysterious virus that broke out on Black Friday. Now, it’s up to a band of shadowy agents with the authority to act as they see fit. In The Division you are that agent.


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The official The Division release isn’t until March 8th. That being said, The Division Open Beta started Thursday for owners of Xbox One. It’s set to expand to owners of the Sony PS4 or a gaming PC robust enough to play it on Friday. Like anything new there are some scattered reports of problems, but nothing too serious to report yet.

The Division Open Beta Problems & Fixes: Error Code 20150579

Some Xbox One gamers report not being able to access The Division Beta, getting an error code of 20150579 every time they try to log into the game. Ubisoft recommends that you try linking your Xbox Live Gamertag to a UPlay account online again if you get the error code.

The Division

The Division Open Beta Problems & Fixes: Delta 20000933

Some users report that regardless of where they are, they sometimes get a Delta 20000933 error. The game itself will lock, forcing them to have to start the game over. Representatives at Ubisoft’s support forum say that this is an issue that could be the result of some networking problems. The company recommends that anyone running into the issue take a look at their network and follow this connectivity troubleshooting guide.

The Division Open Beta Problems & Fixes: Dark Zone Lagging

When you’re ready to get your hands on the best weapons and gear you can possibly find in The Division, you head to the Dark Zone. Venturing there requires a squad of friends and a reliable internet connection.

Some users are reporting that even with both of those, the Dark Zone is having issues. Specifically, it’s being described as “laggy” Sometimes, the game even freezes.. It’s unclear what’s causing this or if it’ll be fixed before The Division Open Beta ends.

The DIvision PS4

The Division Open Beta Problems & Fixes: Error Code Delta 20000950

Even though they can connect, some Xbox One owners are reporting that they repeatedly receive network error code Delta 20000950 after managing to connect to the game’s services. For now, the only recourse is trying to troubleshoot the game’s networking settings here. This may have something to do with the configuration of the network the game is being played on.

The Division Open Beta Problems & Fixes: Mike 20240078

Mike 20240078 is another recurring problem for The Division Open Beta. Users are running into it after they’ve downloaded the game, but before the game actually allows them to connect to Ubisoft’s servers.

The company is encouraging users to turn off their console and router for 30 seconds, then power them both up again to fix the issue.

The Division Open Beta Problems & Fixes: Where to Get The Open Beta Upgrade

If you participated in the closed beta for The Division, you won’t be able to participate in this new open beta without an upgrade. Xbox One, PS4 and Steam users with updates enabled automatically should have the download installed already. Anyone that uninstalled the original beta client needs to download the entire client again, complete with fixes.

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The Division Open Beta Problems & Fixes: Bad Controls on Windows PCs

Users playing The Division Open Beta on Windows PCs are finding that the game is too hard to control. No specific error code surfaces, but left clicking and right clicking with a mouse does nothing to fix their issue.

Users report that closing the Uplay client that’s required to enjoy the game and then right clicking to run it as an administrator helps with the issue. It’s still unclear why the issue is happening, but Ubisoft’s forum support team has logged it. Note that to do this you need to find the game’s Uplay EXE file within the C Drive of your Windows PC. The option is located in Properties under Compatibility.

There’s a separate process for fixing this issue if you’re running the game with Valve’s Steam client here.

Good luck with The Division Open Beta. You have all weekend to play some of the games multiplayer modes before Ubisoft shuts off access early Monday morning.

The Division Open Beta: 7 Problems & Fixes is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.