What Does the S7 Need to Improve upon, Change, and Avoid?

By | 31st January 2016
galaxy s7

The S7 is a much-awaited flagship by the android community at large, but like with every Samsung release, there are still many users skeptical of the upcoming Galaxy, and with good reason too.

It’s undeniable that Samsung phones have packed some of the best hardware in the past, but their software has always left plenty to be desired, and in 2015 the company abandoned their microSD and removable battery tradition, instead opting for the premium design that arguably revitalized much interest in the line-ups. Now that the S7 is approaching, with a rumored launch date of February 21 and a March consumer release, it’s time we begin discussing our expectations for the upcoming Galaxy — including what we want and what we don’t want to see.

So we ask you: What things do you want to see Samsung improve upon? Which changes do you think Samsung should revert? How can they redeem TouchWiz and the traditional shortcomings of Galaxy phones?