Instagram rolling out algorithmic feed globally to show the best posts to users

By | 3rd June 2016

Back in March, Instagram announced that it would be making some changes to the way users sifted through their feed of photos and videos, and now those changes are starting to roll out globally.

The new Instagram feed is based on an algorithm working behind-the-scenes to pick the posts that it believes you’ll want to see more than any others. This will mean that you’ll start to see photos and videos that aren’t in reverse chronological order, which been the norm for quite a while.

Instagram says that if you aren’t already seeing the “new way of ordering posts in feed,” you will very soon. This will make it easier for users to keep tabs on their best friends and family without missing anything, Instagram explains.

These are some more big changes in the way we look at our feeds following a major redesign of Instagram’s UI and a colorful new logo.