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By | 4th June 2016

Beautiful Maze 3D (Labyrinth)
Price: Free
Rating: ****~ (4/5)
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Beautiful Maze 3D Android Game

Beautiful Maze 3D Android Game

Do you enjoy a good challenge? How about one that is wrapped in a beautiful 3D world? Well, that’s just icing on the cake when it happens, isn’t it?

If you’re a gamer and into clever maze challenges then Beautiful Maze 3D will definitely be your next passion, trust us on this.

The full name of this game, from Digital engine, is Beautiful Maze 3D (Labyrinth) and it really tells you all you need to know. It’s a 3D maze, it’s a labyrinth, and to the developers’ credit, the graphics are truly beautiful.

When you’re on the setup screen you’ll see an image of the Russian flag and the British flag. The game starts in Russian but you can tap the British flag to see the instructions of the game in English. Even so, there are still quite a few words and comments that are not translated from Russian.


Beautiful Maze 3D Android Game

Beautiful Maze 3D Android Game

Right from the get-go we love how this game has been designed to always provide a different challenge.

We played it quite a bit and never felt like mazes were being recycled or repeated. For a maze-type game this is incredibly important and this game delivers the goods.

When you first start the game the default view is the “strategic camera” which gives you more of an over-head view of the maze, and is very useful to get a big picture of where to go.

However, we highly recommend switching to the “Third-person camera” as this gives you the view from inside the maze and just behind the ball. Much more interesting.

We also suggest switching from “The virtual cursor” to the “Virtual sticker”. This mode lets you move around the maze dynamically as you move around your left thumb.

A very nice feature for beginners is that the instructions are quite detailed and explain all the options of the game. One thing the developers need to clean up, though, is the error message that comes up at the start of each round. It doesn’t interfere with the game but it is annoying to see.

Design and Graphics

We can’t stress this enough, but Beautiful Maze 3D is a very well designed game. The title features a wonderful 3D look that we love. Not to mention the fact that the mechanics are very fluid and easy to work with.

Not to mention the clear attention to game expansion the developers have given Beautiful Maze 3D. You’ll find different size labyrinths and a new challenge every time you play.

We especially liked the mist mode. This is a fun addition and something we have not come across in other maze games.

Overall Value

At the end of the day, Beautiful Maze 3D is a truly delightful addition to the Android platform, and one that we had a blast playing. It’s fun, fast-paced, easy on the eyes, and completely free in the Google Play Store. There are occasional ads and in-app purchases, but you can play for free if you choose.

If there’s a downside to enjoying what Beautiful Maze 3D has to offer, then we don’t know what it is.

Beautiful Maze 3D (Labyrinth) is about 25 MB, so it’s a quick and easy download. It will take time and mental fortitude to beat each level though, but if you love an exciting beautiful and unique challenge, then this game is certainly just the one for you.

maze3d-qrBeautiful Maze 3D requires Android 2.3 and up.

AndroidAppsReview’s Rating: ****~ (4/5)

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