Best MetroPCS phones

By | 5th June 2016

MetroPCS offers some great phones to go along with its affordable plans, and we're going to find the one that best suits your needs.

MetroPCS gives you the opportunity to not break the bank when buying a phone without a contract, but most of its phones are mid- to low-end when considering specs. They do offer some high-end phones, which we've featured on this list. Coupled with their affordable plans, you might not be able to pass them up.

We'll be updating this list regularly to keep current with new phones!

Samsung Galaxy S7

MetroPCS brings you Samsung's latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S7 — a surefire choice for anyone looking to upgrade or anyone just stepping foot into the smartphone game. Enjoy the latest from Android with 6.0 Marshmallow, and shoot photos to your heart's content with a 12MP Dual-Pixel camera. The Galaxy S7 is able to charge wirelessly, and has 32GB internal storage you can upgrade to 200GB with a microSD card.

Color options are limited with MetroPCS: the Galaxy S7 comes in Onyx Black only.

If you're thinking about going with the Galaxy S7 but want to learn more, check out our review:

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Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung's previous flagship, the Galaxy S6, was released in 2015 and received stellar reviews. Its 16MP camera with image stabilization is a great feature for anyone who loves to shoot photos, and features a brilliant display that compliments Samsung's first effort towards unibody design for their flagship brand.

MetroPCS gives you gold and white color options when choosing your Galaxy S6.

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LG Stylo 2 Plus

Need a bigger screen? You might want to try the 5.7-inch Stylo 2 Plus, one of LG's budget phablet devices. The phone is slim, offers decent battery life, and features a removable battery and expandable storage. And if drawing or penning notes is your thing, there's a stowable stylus that comes with a suite of compatible apps. Just bear in mind that while the phone's Snapdragon 430 processor is capable enough for everyday tasks, it's not exactly a gaming powerhouse.

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Bring your own device

If you don't want to shell out the money for a Galaxy S6 or S7 and don't want to settle for a lesser phone, MetroPCS allows you to bring your own phone to their service. Before you pull the trigger have a look at MetroPCS's restrictions when it comes to using your own device with their service.