Samsung Galaxy S7 Active unboxing

By | 6th June 2016

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active comes in a box. And as such, it must be unboxed.

Every now and then you get a phone whose out-of-the-box experience wows you. This is not one of those times. AT&T's retail packaging for the Galaxy S7 Active is exactly what you'd expect — a generic white box with a little bit of branding and labeling. Some quick-start and legal stuff you'll probably never read.

And there's mostly nothing all that exciting in the box we received. Samsung's quick charger. A micro-USB cable. But also a slick little adapter thing that makes it easy to plug your new phone into your old phone and transfer content to this beefed-up Galaxy S7. That alone is worth the price of admission, right?

Otherwise, it's a GS7 Active. In a box.