Google Store posts up Father’s Day deals

By | 7th June 2016

We hope you haven’t forgotten about Father’s Day. It’s June 19th and you have less than two weeks to pick up a gift for the father figure in your life! Google has your back, though, as the Google Store has put up a post for the upcoming holiday with some deals and suggestions.

The Nexus 6P is discounted $50, bringing it down to $449. Google Cardboard has been discounted to $10, while Chromecast and Chromecast Audio are discounted $5 apiece, bringing them both down to $10. The rest of the products are not on sale, but rather suggestions for gifts. Everything from smartwatches to routers are shown off.

There’s also free shipping on all orders, so buying something from the Google Store for Father’s Day isn’t a bad idea. Let us know what you end up getting, even if it’s not Android related!