Lenovo officially announces the first Project Tango phone: the Phab 2 Pro for $499

By | 9th June 2016

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro colors

At Lenovo TechWorld in San Francisco today, the company has finally announced the world’s first consumer Project Tango device: the Phab 2 Pro. Leaked aplenty, the Phab 2 Pro specs have been pretty widely aired already, so there wasn’t much new to hear, except that the Project Tango phone price will be $499 and you can get one globally in September.

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The Phab 2 Pro is a 6.4-inch QHD device with sensors galore for allowing the phone to learn about the space in which it exists. The more you use it, the more aware it becomes. As it learns, you can ask it more complex questions about the spaces it knows. Interior decorators, retailers, AR game developers and home renovators will all be able to make use of Tango’s spatial awareness.


Alongside the Phab 2 Pro, Google’s Johnny Lee also announced that Project Tango will now simply be known by the name Tango. Lee also unveiled a new logo, which you will likely be seeing on more Tango-ready devices in the coming months. Tango will also be supported natively in Android N.

The Phab 2 Pro features a metal unibody in champagne gold and gunmetal gray. It packs a 8 MP front-facing camera, a 16 MP RGB camera, IR camera and a fisheye lens alongside a whole host of neatly concealed sensors, including a fingerprint scanner. It also packs Dolby Atmos technology and delivers Dolby 5.1 audio capture. It houses a large 4,050 mAh battery with 2.4x fast charging and runs on a Snapdragon 652 SoC with 4 GB of RAM.

The Lenovo Phab 2 Pro will be available through Best Buy in the U.S. in September for $499.

What do you think of the Phab 2 Pro? Is Tango what you hoped it would be?