No Oxygen Open Source — Personal Apology Regarding Misreporting

By | 9th June 2016

Yesterday, we pushed out an article where we claimed that OnePlus had open sourced OxygenOS. The basis of our claim was the recent activity on OnePlus’s github. Based on the information that we had on hand at that exact moment, and a precursory look at the code that indicated a lot of code pulled over from CAF, we wrongly concluded that OnePlus had open sourced part of OxygenOS.

What happened in fact was that OnePlus released the device tree and some HALs for the OnePlus 2. This is still big news by itself, as it will be of great use for 3rd party development efforts on the OnePlus 2. However, it is not in any way related to OnePlus open sourcing their OS.

I, the author, take full responsibility of the factual error in reporting. The information at hand at that point was inconclusive, and due to misinterpretation on my personal end, it was wrongly put up as OxygenOS being open sourced. I usually maintain vigilance on my end, but this was one of those instances where I was caught off-guard. I am but a human, and mistakes were made.

As a journalist, it is my duty to ensure that information disseminated through me is factually correct to the best of my capabilities. I take pride in my work, whether they be smaller articles or bigger opinion pieces. I work hard to earn reputation and I work even harder to maintain it. As such, I deem it a disservice on my end to have been slightly careless with my reporting.

Please accept my personal apology for the incorrect reporting. I will try my best to deliver on the high standards that users expect out of me and out of XDA-Developers. We will strive to make sure instances like these are not repeated.

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