Outdoor Nest Cam reportedly on the way

By | 9th June 2016

Nest CamWe were worried about Nest there for a little while. With the departure of the company’s CEO, the future of Nest was up in the air, but the new CEO says the company is here to stay. Now we’re catching wind of what’s next for the all-encompassing smart home company. Nope, it’s not a home security system. Their latest product is reportedly an outdoor version of their popular Nest Cam.

While we don’t have any images yet of this outdoor camera (pictured is the current indoor version of the product), Tech Insider is reporting that sources close to the company are saying that these rugged live cameras will come in white and will run off of a power cord rather than batteries. This product appears to be angling to fill an already existing niche, as the indoor version of Nest Cams are already being supplied with protective third-party casings so that they can be used outside in the elements. This product will be competing with other outdoor webcams like the Netgear Arlo.

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What’s more, the company is teasing that new thermostat colors are on the way as well. While these might not be the game-changing offerings that Nest fans were hoping for, it’s at least a nice addition for those concerned about monitoring the exterior of their homes. The company is hinting that they have bigger things in the works for 2017, but we’ll have to wait before we find out what they’re teasing about. In the meantime, let us know what you think of Nest’s smart home capabilities in the comments below!