11 Common Madden 17 Problems & How to Fix Them

By | 22nd August 2016

11 Common Madden 17 Problems & How to Fix Them is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

Madden 17 is here and it’s packed full of new Madden 17 features — but there are also fresh Madden 17 problems that frustrate gamers who just want to play football on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Here are the most common Madden 17 problems and how you can fix them on your own. Some of the Madden 17 server problems will clear up in the days following the release, but there are some issues you can fix without waiting.

The first Madden 17 update fixed a number of issues and problems. You should already have this installed. If you still run into gameplay issues, you may need to wait for another update.

The most common Madden 17 problems and how to fix them.

The most common Madden 17 problems and how to fix them.

Madden 17 represents a big change to ball physics, ushers in new commentary, a new running system and many defensive upgrades. This year the Aggressive Catch option is toned down quite a bit. Here’s more on what’s new in Madden 17.

We are seeing gamers complain about a variety of Madden 17 problems including missing MUT packs, the Madden 17 trial ending early and Madden 17 server problems.

This is what you need to know about these problems and how to fix them if you can.

How to Fix Madden 17 Performance, Framerate & Audio Problems

If Madden 17 is running slow, graphics are glitching, frames are dropping and audio is cutting out you can fix this on your own.

You need to reboot your console completely and then the problem should disappear. We recommend completely turning it off, waiting 1 minute and then starting it back up.

How to Fix Can’t Call Plays in Madden 17

Xbox One users are unable to call plays sometimes in Madden 17 in the game and sometimes cannot scroll in the Coachglass app.

If you cannot call plays in Madden 17, pause the game and un-pause it to get playcalling back.

EA is looking into Coachglass issues with Madden 17 on the Xbox One.

How to Fix Madden 17 Download Problems

It is common to run into Madden 17 download problems. We’ve already seen that the Madden 17 download can take some time thanks to the EA Access trial. This is nearly 25GB in size, so it will take you  while to complete the download. You should be able to start playing some of the game while the download progresses.

If your Madden 17 download is slow or appears to stop, you may need to pause it and resume.

On the PS4, go to downloads and press x to pause it. On the Xbox One go to the home screen, press the right trigger and choose game sand apps. Select Queue and then move to the Madden 17 tile. press menu and choose pause installation.

On either of these consoles you should then wait about 30 seconds and result installation or resume the download.

How to Fix Madden 17 Installation Problems

If you cannot install Madden 17 on your Xbox One or PS4 you aren’t alone. If you cannot install Madden 17 on the Xbox One or PS4, here’s what you need to do. It’s not likely your disk, it’s likely a small error on the system.

If you try to install Madden 17 on your Xbox One from a disc and the installation stop at 0% or close to it you will need to take action. This can happen when the Xbox attempts to download a game update as the game installs.

Try clearing local saved games on your console. If you backup your games to Xbox Live you won’t lose progress, but if you only keep them locally this will cause you to lose data. Go to Settings -> All Settings -> System -> Storage -> Clear local saved games.

Once this is done, go to Settings -> All Settings -> Network -> Network Settings -> Go offline. This will take your console offline so it doesn’t try to download the game again.

Now, eject Madden 17 and restart your Xbox One. Once this is complete attempt to install Madden 17 before going back online.

If you have trouble installing Madden 17 on PS4, you may need to lear your PS4 cache. Turn the console off, unplug it for a minute and then plug it back in and try again.

You can also try deleting the Madden 17 installation and starting over from scratch.

On all consoles, you need to make sure that you have enough free hard drive space, even if you are getting the Madden 17 disc.

How to Fix Madden 17 MUT Code Problems

We are hearing from users who are already experiencing problems with Madden 17 MUT Codes that come as a pre-order bonus or as a bonus if you buy the Madden 17 Deluxe version.

Two potential Madden 17 MUT code problems are missing codes and codes that don’t work.

If you didn’t get the pre-order bonus, you will need to contact the retailer who sold you the game. It should be on your receipt or emailed to you. Make sure you check your spam folder.

If you purchased the Madden 17 Deluxe edition you should have a small insert in the box with a MUT 17 code for your packs. If there is no code there or if it doesn’t work you need to contact EA Support to get a new code.

How to Fix Madden 17 Online Problems

Madden 17 online problems and EA Server problems can prevent you from playing the game. We’ve already had a losing opponent blame lag, but that may have simply been due to their inability to kick a field goal from the 10 yard line.

Be ready for some Madden 17 server problems, and take these steps to avoid them.

Be ready for some Madden 17 server problems, and take these steps to avoid them.

If you have Madden 17 online problems or server problems, you should restart your console. If that fails to solve the issue, check your internet connection to make sure your NAT is open and you have good speeds to your console.

On PS4 – Go to Settings -> Network -> Test Internet Connection.

On Xbox One – Go to Settings – All Settings -> Network -> Network Settings -> Test network connection.

We’ve already had a peer connection lost error while trying to play Draft Champions. If this happens in a ranked game you will need to wait two or three minutes before you can continue with your progress.

If you completed basic connection troubleshooting including clearing the cache, disabling firewalls and restarting your network and console and still have Madden 17 connection problems you may need to add exceptions for ports that Madden 17 uses. Here are the UDP and TCP ports that you need to adjust for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3.

It’s a good idea to switch to a wired connection if possible and look into settings that prioritize Xbox Live and PSN traffic on your router.

Madden 17 Connected Franchise Problems

Some users are reporting that there are Madden 17 Connected Franchise problems in the trial. This is the full game, so expect to run into some issues with Madden 17 Connected Franchise this week.

There are some live updates, but you may end up waiting for a Madden 17 patch or update to fix some problems.

There are some live updates, but you may end up waiting for a Madden 17 patch or update to fix some problems.

Users report that Connected Franchise is not recording wins and losses correctly.

Unfortunately this is not something you can fix on your own. You will likely need to wait for a Madden 17 patch or update.

Last year, the first patch arrived on September 9th, so you may need to wait up to two or three weeks. We’ll share any workarounds as more users play, but you may need to wait before starting any leagues.

Can’t Pause Madden 17 Head to Head Games

When you are playing someone online, there are many times you cannot pause the game. You also only get five pauses per game. This is to prevent players from greifing or attempting to cause the other player to quit.

The only time you can pause in a head to head online game is on the playcall screen. If you attempt to pause at any other time you will not be able to stop the game.

Can’t Play Any Games in Madden 17

If you declined the EULA when Madden 17 started, you may be stuck in a position where you cannot play any games. You need to accept the agreement to play.

Go to Main Menu -> Customize -> Settings -> License Agreement and then accept it to be able to play the game.

Other Madden 17 Problems

We’ve seen odd Madden 17 bugs, including the game handing over the ball to the wrong team after a reversed fumble, and there may be other issues that you run into.

With issues like this, you will need to make sure you look for the updates to Madden 17 that will come in the next several weeks. If there are any user-applied fixes or ways to avoid Madden 17 problems, we’ll add them here.

Madden 17 Trial Ended Early

The biggest Madden 17 problem for many gamers is the trial ending early. We are hearing from a number of gamers who subscribe to EA Access who turned on their console to discover that the Madden 17 trial ended early. Reports indicate that this happened with two, four and even six hours left on the trial.

If this happens to you, you can try force closing the trial and restarting your Xbox, but it is not something that has worked for every user. You may need to reach out to EA Access directly for help, but success is limited there as well.

Now that Madden 17 is out, this isn’t as big of a deal, but for users who want to try the game before they buy it, it’s a frustrating issue that will require some help from EA.

Madden 17 vs Madden 16: What’s New

Madden 17 Running Upgrades & Special Moves

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Madden 17 Running Upgrades & Special Moves

When you pick up the controller and try to put the juke on your friends this fall, Madden 17 has a major change in store.

The first thing you need to know about Madden 17 special moves is that the player rating and player style will impact how well they perform each move. Ea explains that, "Bruising backs have better trucks & stiff-arms while smaller backs have better jukes & spins," so you better play like that player if you want to bust out a special move and go all the way. There are also all new animations for the special moves.

The special move ratings and body weight will impact the animation and the chance of success will vary based on player ratings. There are elite moves for the best players, OK moves for those rated 70's and 80's and lumbering moves that you will see if a huge player recovers a fumble.

When a player's stamina is down, in Madden 17, the special moves will drop one level. Be careful how much speed boost you use in the lead up to a special move.

There are also upgrades to the fakeouts in Madden 17. If you time your special move correctly you can deliver a multi-player fakeout, allowing you to get past multiple player with a single move. You will need perfect timing and to know which special moves this runner is best with. Your position also has a very important role in pulling off a perfect fakeout in Madden 17.

After you figure all that out, you'll need to know what your player is capable of and what his best moves are to really show off what you are made of.

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11 Common Madden 17 Problems & How to Fix Them is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.