Xiaomi reports an impressive 1.75 million Redmi Note 3 sales

By | 22nd August 2016

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If you ever needed evidence of the power of the Indian smartphone market, look no further than the latest sales report from Xiaomi. Although the Chinese company is having mixed results getting into the US market, their invasion of India is showing relatively massive growth. In spite of the cooling global market for smartphones and a saturated playing field, Xiaomi is quickly establishing themselves as a major player.

The company is especially doing well in online smartphone sales in India. 1.75 million Redmi Note 3 devices have been sold since the device’s launch only five months ago. During the second quarter of 2016, one in every nine smartphones sold online in India was a Redmi Note 3.

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“It has been extremely encouraging to witness the overwhelming support for Redmi Note 3 in India, such that it has become the best-selling smartphone ever in the online market,” said Manu Jain, India Head of Xiaomi. “We cannot thank our Mi Fans enough for such an incredible response and making this success possible for us.”

The Redmi Note 3 is the highest-shipped smartphone ever in India’s online market for any given quarter.

The company hopes to eventually challenge the likes of Samsung and Apple on a worldwide scale.

Xiaomi has big dreams. The company hopes to eventually challenge the likes of Samsung and Apple on a worldwide scale. Indeed, the company is already going toe to toe with the tech titans in developing markets. The Chinese smartphone maker has built a name for itself by producing near-flagship tier smartphones at a fraction of the price that Samsung and Apple can offer.

What do you think of Xiaomi’s recent success in India? Will the company eventually achieve their ambitions and become a household name in the states alongside the other smartphone giants? Let us know your take in the comments below!

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