25 Madden 17 Tips & Tricks

By | 23rd August 2016

25 Madden 17 Tips & Tricks is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

Use these Madden 17 tips and tricks to become a better player and win more games in Madden 17. This guide will walk you through the essential keys to winning on offense, defense, blocking kicks on special teams and how to run back a touchdown.

You don’t need to read the Madden 17 manual to learn how to use the new Madden 17 features or how to strip the ball from the quarterback. Read out Madden 17 tips and tricks that combine what we’ve learned with the advice from professional Madden 17 players who are competing to win part of the $1 Million Madden 17 prize.

These professionals spend more time playing Madden 17 than you do working or going to school. This allows them to uncover the Madden 17 hidden features that fly under the radar of most casual gamers and allow you to become unstoppable.

There’s no need for Madden 17 cheats to win more games, you just need to know how to be a better player, which plays to use and how to use the new Madden 17 features to your advantage.

The only Madden 17 tips, tricks and strategies you need to win.

The only Madden 17 tips, tricks and strategies you need to win.

You don’t need to change the play and set up 12 pre-snap adjustments to win more at Madden 17. You can use these easy to understand, but often overlooked, Madden 17 strategies to become a better player.

You can use our Madden 17 tricks to make essential changes in how you play the game so that you can get more yards each down, shut down the defense and take advantage of every down.

Whether you spend the bulk of your time playing Madden 17 online against friends and strangers, jumping into ranked or unranked Draft Champions or playing Madden 17 Ultimate Team or Connected Franchise Mode you can use these tricks to become a better player.

Once again we are looking to ZFarls, Sgibs and to Madden Daily for the essential tools to become a better player this year. You will need to make adjustments if you are coming from Madden 16, since running is all new and there are big changes to passing that you will need to adjust to.

Use these Madden 17 tips and tricks as well as the best Madden 17 plays and essential MUT choices to be unstoppable on offense, defense and on special teams.

How to Win More Online Games in Madden 17

If you have trouble winning online ranked games in Madden 17 these are the five tips you need to take advantage of to become a better player. There are a lot of new features and controls that you need to know about.

  1. Go to Skills Trainer – Spend time learning the new features and controls.
  2. Defense, Defense, Defense – You need a blitz to go with your zones, look at en edge blitz.
  3. Manage the Clock – Control the gameplay speed by running, and chew the clock to keep the game close — especially if it is a skilled opponent.
  4. Build a Better Team & Scheme – Find the team that fits your play style, or build that team in MUT.
  5. Stop Playing Madden 16 – You need to switch now and bring the skills that work, without playing like you are playing on the old game.

You’ll need to practice, experiment and try new things to find the playbook that can help you win.

How to Stop the Aggressive Catch in Madden 17

In Madden 17 the aggressive catch is toned down, but you need to switch to the defender and hold X on Xbox One or Square on PS4 to swat the ball out of the receiver’s hands.

This increases your chance at pulling the ball out of the receiver’s hands or swat it up into the air for a chance that one of your team mates will catch it.

This gives you a better chance at stopping the completion than using Y or Triangle on PS4 which go for the interception.

How to Use Madden 17 Zone Coverage

With the new Madden 17 zone defense options you can use to your advantage. In the video above you’ll learn why you need to use a hard flat on 3rd and 1. You’ll also learn about pattern matching that allows your defense to adapt to the offense and make the play.

How to Stop the Run in Madden 17

You can use the new GAP assignments and smart play choices to stop the run on Madden 17. Defensive players are responsible for a gap, and as long as they don’t blow the gap.

Hold the right stick left or right to see the gap assignment. This is especially important if you are controlling a linebacker or lineman. You can also use a Force player and a Cutback player. The force player tries to keep the running inside, and the cutback will be ready for a running back who tries to switch directions.

How to Win Tackle Battles

In Madden 17 you can now take part in a Tackle Battle. This plays a role in offense and defense. When you are running the ball a button will flash on the screen and if you are the first to push it, you win the battle. On offense this means you break the tackle and get more yards or even go for the score. On defense it means you make the tackle and stop your opponent before they break upfield. Pay attention to the screen and prepare to quickly tap the button you see. This is essential to winning games in Madden 17.

How to Strip the Ball in Madden 17

When you are about to sack the quarterback or your pursuing the running back you can strip the ball in Madden 17 by using RB or R1. This will take longer to bring someone down, but it can also result in a turnover so there is a reward to go along with the risk.

How to Stop Mobile Quarterback

This is how to stop a mobile QB in the backfield so that they cannot break out a run that damages all your great defense so far.

Choose a Defensive formation with four defenders on the line. Hold the left trigger and press RB which will choose QB contain. This will put your outside linebackers into contain so they will keep the QB from scrambling outside the pocket.

Here’s a more advanced tutorial that will allow you to really keep quarterbacks in check if your opponent is able to get around the basics.

Best Madden 17 Blitzes

When you get started, look for a simple blitz that works and you can control. This is an option that allows you too blitz without worrying about all kinds of pre-snap setup.

This is another option that offers a good Madden 17 blitz, but you need to do a few adjustments to make it work well.

How to Block Field Goals and Punts in Madden 17

To block a kick in Madden 17 you need to time it right and choose a play that includes kick blockers in it. You will know that this is the right play if you see two or three players with a B over their heads. These are your blockers. As soon as the snap comes, rush in and press X to dive in front of the ball or Y to jump for the block.

You need to make sure you press right trigger or R2 as soon as the ball is snapped or you don’t have a chance. Don’t run into the kicker or you will get a penalty.

How to Use the Option in Madden 17

You can use the option to devastate your opponents if you know how to use it and when to keep or pitch. The video above walks through the basics of how to use the option in Madden 17.

When you are playing on the field there will not be an indicator to let you know when to hand off and when to keep it, but this will train you on who to watch. When you want to handoff you need to press LB or L1. The best thing to do is try it in training.

Madden 17 Ultimate Team Starter Pack Tips

When you start Madden 17, you need to choose a Starter Pack. here are the top five according to Zfarls, which will set you up for the first 50 to 100 games as you build up your team.

How to Get Madden 17 Coins Easy in MUT

Even if you love Madden 17 Ultimate Team for the online competition, you need to go into the solo challenges to get a ton of coins. Many of the Madden 17 challenges aren’t hard to beat, thought they do take up some of your time.

If you beat all the team challenges you will get 435,200 coins, which is a lot of coins to unlock packs and find players. You also get 352 packs and player items in these solo challenges.

Go into the Gauntlet to earn players and you’ll get 63,000 coins and high rated players including a 88 rated Joe Hayden that you get to keep. Complete Madden 17 Ultimate Season to get 84,100 coins and player packs.

When you dive into the rest of the Madden 17 solo challenges you can get more players, and get Madden 17 coins without buying in game currency through the store.

Understand Madden 17 MUT Chemistry

When you play Madden 17 Ultimate Team, you now need to deal with MUT Chemistry. This is a new team boosting feature that will help you understand how this will impact your team and how good you do on the field.

You’ll see these on the right side of the screen to adjust chemistry for big boosts to your gameplay. You need to fill up all five parts of the circle and then you will get a boost to the game.

This is a longer video, but it is essential if you are going to play Madden 17 Ultimate Team.

How to Throw Away in Madden 17

When the pressure is too much, you can throw away the the ball in Madden 17 by clicking the right stick. This will get rid of the ball. Just make sure you aren’t going to get hit with intentional grounding.

This is more important than in Madden 16, because of the new ball physics that makes your quarterback less likely to hold onto the ball. If the QB’s arm is moving forward to pass or to throwaway, it’s incomplete instead of a fumble. Use that to your advantage.

How to Use Madden 17 Trick Plays

There are new and improved fake plays in Madden 17. Watch the video above to learn more about how these work.

You need to make sure you know what is happening with the play, including knowing what the receiver icon is before you snap because time is limited.

Learn Running Back Ratings in Madden 17

Before you bust a special move in Madden 17, you need to look at your player’s ratings so that you know what moves they are good at.

The new attribute based special moves will work the best if it is a move that your player is actually good at. Yes, ratings matter in Madden 17 and this is one place they really matter.

Look in your Ultimate Team setup or go into team management in the game to learn what the player is best at so you know what moves to user. Your strategy will need to change with your players.

How to use Madden 17 Running Moves

There are more running moves in Madden 17, and you need to learn how to use them correctly if you want to get more yards on offense. You can use precision moves and speed moves. While most of us only use the moves when we are near a tackler, if you use a juke early, you can fake out the defender from yards away to open up path.

You can use Left Trigger to do precision moves. Right Trigger will do a speed move. You can juke, spin, hurdle and you can also cover up the ball or give up the runner to go to the ground.

In all the video above walks you through how to do normal, speed, precision and steerable moves.

How to Throw Fewer Interceptions in Madden 17

If you want to throw fewer interceptions you need to learn how to read coverages in Madden 17. This will allow you to better know what receiver to throw to, when to call an audible and when you need to throw the ball away. Watch the video above to learn what the play likely is and where the defenders will likely go.

Best Plays in Madden 17

The playlist above walks you through the best Madden 17 plays according to Zfarls, who is through 7 of the top Madden 17 plays and working his way up to 17.

How to Celebrate in Madden 17

You can celebrate in Madden 17, just like in older games, and it’s an excellent way to really rub it in when you get the game ending score against an online opponent.

As you run towards the end zone, hold left trigger and right trigger plus A on Xbox One and X on PS4. Left trigger and X will also dive in to the end zone.

If you try this when someone is near, they will likely tackle you and there is a very good chance you will fumble if someone tackles you while celebrating.

How to Punt Better in Madden 17

When you need to put the ball in the right place to pin your opponent you can now choose multiple types of punts in Madden 17. This will allow you to put backspin on a kick or to sky the kick. You can use this to keep the ball just out of the end zone or you can use it to make sure your team can get to the return man.

Press Y to choose a Sky kick or press LB to do a backspin on Xbox One. Or triangle for Sky on PS4 and L1 for a backspin.

How to Kick a Field Goal in Madden 17

There is a brand new kicking mechanic in Madden 17 and you need to learn how to use it if you want to win games. We’ve already won games because our opponent didn’t know what they were doing and missed wide right from the 10 or 15 yard line.

In Madden 17 you need to tap to start, tap to choose the power and tap to choose the accuracy. The more power you choose the faster the meter moves near the accuracy line.

Spend some time practicing this in skills trainer, especially since you have to hold the direction you want the ball to go.

When you are kicking a big one to win the game, the meter and the direction will fade out, especially if the opposing team ices the kicker. Practice so you are ready when this happens.

How to Return Kickoffs in Madden 17

You can run back a kickoff for a touchdown in Madden 17 with a little bit of a strategy. You don’t want to use the juke like you did in previous versions of Madden.

Start by choosing the Return Middle in the middle of the play selection screen. You need to swing your blocker out to the edge and practice your timing. You need to manually move him over there. Don’t juke, spin or change direction.  This works best with a player with over 94 speed.

How to Squib Kick in Madden 17

When you want to make sure your opponent cannot get a big return, you need to do a Squib kick. This is a direct, shorter kick, but it also means you aren’t giving the ball to the return man. It’s a tool you can use to run out the last few seconds on the clock and keep your opponent out of scoring position.

Choose a normal kickoff and then press LB or L1 to kick the ball at the ground and can run off a few seconds.

Madden 17 Settings to Change

One of the Madden 17 settings you may want to change is to turn off Auto Flip Defense. This feature is on by default and will automatically flip your plays based on what the offense calls. This can mess up players who know they want to control a specific player. You have to change this when you are outside of an online game.

Go to Settings -> Game Options -> Gameplay Helpers -> auto Flip Defensive Play Call to Off.

This is essential for competitive players who want absolute control over the defense, and for players who are learning to take more control of the gameplay.

Madden 17 vs Madden 16: What’s New

Madden 17 Running Upgrades & Special Moves

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Madden 17 Running Upgrades & Special Moves

When you pick up the controller and try to put the juke on your friends this fall, Madden 17 has a major change in store.

The first thing you need to know about Madden 17 special moves is that the player rating and player style will impact how well they perform each move. Ea explains that, "Bruising backs have better trucks & stiff-arms while smaller backs have better jukes & spins," so you better play like that player if you want to bust out a special move and go all the way. There are also all new animations for the special moves.

The special move ratings and body weight will impact the animation and the chance of success will vary based on player ratings. There are elite moves for the best players, OK moves for those rated 70's and 80's and lumbering moves that you will see if a huge player recovers a fumble.

When a player's stamina is down, in Madden 17, the special moves will drop one level. Be careful how much speed boost you use in the lead up to a special move.

There are also upgrades to the fakeouts in Madden 17. If you time your special move correctly you can deliver a multi-player fakeout, allowing you to get past multiple player with a single move. You will need perfect timing and to know which special moves this runner is best with. Your position also has a very important role in pulling off a perfect fakeout in Madden 17.

After you figure all that out, you'll need to know what your player is capable of and what his best moves are to really show off what you are made of.

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25 Madden 17 Tips & Tricks is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.