Google is expanding Wi-Fi Assistant to all Nexus users

By | 24th August 2016

One of the many exclusive features baked into Project Fi is Wi-Fi Assistant, but now Google has decided to expand that feature and make it available to all Nexus users.

Wi-Fi Assistant is a feature that will securely connect an Android device to an open Wi-Fi network, which have been catalogued by Google as being fast and strong. Wi-Fi Assistant is a way for Google to help users stay connected without having to deal with a terrible cellular connection and also avoid racking up data usage every month.

Google is now expanding Wi-Fi Assistant to all Nexus users, and the rollout will take place over the next several weeks. It will be available to all Nexus users running Android 5.1 or later and will work for Nexus users located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and in Nordic countries.

If you’re a Nexus owner, are you looking forward to this feature landing on your device?