Android Nougat still has Flappy Droid and the Dessert Case Daydream

By | 25th August 2016

With every new iteration of Android, Google introduces a new Easter egg “hidden” away in settings. I say “hidden” because these Easter eggs are more of an Android tradition/Google inside-joke by this point, rather than something we’re supposed to actually hunt for.

To access the Easter egg in Android, all you have to do is go to Settings –> About Phone and tap repeatedly on the “Android version” block until you see the Android version logo. Then, tap repeatedly on the logo for a few seconds to “unlock” the Easter egg, then long-press on the logo to start it.

nougat easter egg

Nougat’s Easter egg is a game in which you try to catch a cat using bait. The game can be started from the quick toggles in the notification shade, and after throwing down one of 4 bait options all you need to do is wait for a cat to take the bait.

nougat easter egg 2 nougat easter egg 3

If Nougat’s game doesn’t really interest you and you would like to play some more Flappy Droid (Android Marshmallow’s Easter egg), then you should know that the easter egg is still present on Android Nougat but is merely hidden. In order to access it, you’ll need to use an intent to start an activity within the SystemUI app. The easiest way to do so is to download an app called Activity Launcher (as outlined in my previous article on discovering hidden settings) or use Nova Launcher‘s shortcut to launch an activity.

1 - activity launcher 2 - activity launcher marshmallow easter 4 - flappy droid 5 - flappy droid

The activity is called “Marshmallow Land” and is an activity under the SystemUI package. Launching the activity will bring up the Flappy Droid game that we all know and love. This activity was of course also present in the SystemUI package from Marshmallow, so it’s possible that Google forgot to remove it for the Nougat update. But the existence of yet another older Easter egg – the Dessert Case Easter egg from Android KitKat – suggests that Google just leaves these in and doesn’t bother removing them.

3 - activity launcher daydream easter 7 - dessert case daydream 6 - dessert case

In order to access the Dessert Case Easter egg, you simply launch the activity found under the SystemUI package using Activity Launcher or your method of choice. After you launch it once, Dessert Case will show up as an option in Display –> Screen saver (formerly known as a Daydream until the moniker was appropriated for Google’s VR platform). These Easter eggs don’t really add much to the Nougat experience, but it’s neat having something from an older version of Android to reminisce about. Plus, many people simply enjoy the Flappy Droid game when they need to kill time — XDA’s HQ record is 11. That being said, we’ll stay on the lookout for any other hidden feature we find in Android Nougat.

What was your favorite Android Easter Egg and why? Let us know below!