Samsung bringing back Action Memo for the Galaxy Note 7 next month

By | 25th August 2016

For those who picked up a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recently,  you might have realized that one of the most useful S Pen features is gone. Action Memo let you do things like write phone numbers and immediately use them, take snippets of the screen as notes, and more.

If you check out the Play Store listing for the Samsung Notes app, almost half of the reviews are negative due to missing features, and they have a point. Samsung released a new device without the features of the old device, making the S Pen a lot less useful.

Thankfully, Samsung has responded to these criticisms. Action Memo will return in an update to Samsung Notes that’ll roll out before late September. So rest easy and give it a month, because your Note 7 will soon be just as useful as previous models.

Thanks Bart!