Performance Battle – UMI Max Vs Meizu M3 Note, Find the Best (VIDEO)

By | 29th August 2016

Who doesn’t like performance battles between smartphones, right! Today we have picked up two devices which are almost similar in specifications. The fun is when two similar contenders are faced together, and one emerges as a winner. We have picked up recently launched UMI Max and are putting it against the Meizu M3 Note.

In a video posted by the company on their YouTube channel. The Umi Max gets down on business with Meizu M3 Note to prove that it is a superior design. The comparison between UMI and Meizu handsets is interesting as both the handsets sports MediaTek Helios P10 processor. As well as packs 3GB of RAM and 16GB storage. So, it is a fair competition.

Below is the result of the UMI Max Vs Meizu M3 Note comparison. It includes the comparative figures for boot time, release speed, antutu score, Geekbench score and the Speedtest to learn who offers faster connectivity.

Boot-up Speed

UMI Max = 25.05 seconds

Meizu M3 Note = 48.20 seconds

Fingerprint Unlock Speed

UMI Max = 1.05 seconds

Meizu M3 Note = 1.24 seconds

Antutu Score

UMI Max = 45308

Meizu M3 Note = 43230

Geekbench Score

UMI Max = 816/2987

Meizu M3 Note = 804/2917

Speediest Network Speed

UMI Max = 61.55 mbps Download/ 3.31 mbps Upload

Meizu M3 Note = 60.71 mbps Download/ 2.59 mbps Upload

Application Launch Speed

UMI Max – Amazon = 2.00 seconds, QQMusic= 1.11 seconds, WeChat= 1.05 seconds

Meizu M3 Note – Amazon = 2.07 seconds, QQMusic = 3.10 seconds, WeChat= 1.07 seconds

From the video, we now know who is the quickest among them. It is UMI Max. The device is currently available on various international retailers such as Gearbest for pre-sale, which lasts until August 31st. You can get the device for as low as $169.99. If you are interested in a handset that offers high-end specifications at an affordable price point, then, UMI Max is the handset to look forward.

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