The new Fitbit Flex 2 and Charge 2 are worth your time

By | 29th August 2016

What are the new Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Flex 2 and where can you get them?

Fitbit always seems to offer the right product at the right time. It anticipated the rise of fitness wearables all the way back in 2008, when it debuted the original titular product, and has slowly iterated on that basic design since its first commercial undertaking, the Ultra, in 2011.

Fitbit had its iPhone moment in 2013 when it debuted the Flex, its first wrist-worn wearable, to much acclaim. The proposition was simple: a small module that lived inside a comfortable rubberized band, that tracks steps and sleep and uploads them to the cloud through an Android app.

Since then, the company has enjoyed plenty of success with follow-up products like the Charge and Charge HR, and no shortage of controversy (and lawsuits) from people complaining that the metal in them causes irritation. Fitbit even fully recalled its Force band in 2014 stemming from a high number of complaints.

But through all of this, it has maintained a strong dominance in the fitness tracker market, even as companies like Apple and Google have encroached with more expensive and far more capable (and confusing) alternatives. Now, Fitbit is debuting two new products, sequels to its two most popular lines, the Flex 2 and Charge 2, and they feel like the products that, in many ways, should have happened years ago.

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