Fitbit gets you out of your Hobbit hole with ‘Adventures’

By | 30th August 2016

fitbit adventues

So two brand new Fitbit devices are on the way, but the fitness tracking company isn’t settled with just making hardware advances. Fitbit wants to get you engaged in your workout, and they’re doing it through the oldest known method: the Call to Adventure.

Taking a page out of the books of mythologies and storytellers of old, Fitbit has created a new set of elements inside the Challenges tab that will let you take on personal goals. The setup combines, to a soft degree, augmented reality elements with personal fitness. With Adventures, you’ll seek out well known landmarks, hunt down 360-degree viewpoints, go on treasure hunts, and go on strings of challenges that can last for days on end.

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All from the comfort of your office.

No, seriously. The point of Adventure is to slide your daily steps into synchronicity with hiking trails and marathon routes. With this feature, you’ll feel less like you’re shuffling from cubicle to cubicle all day long and more like you’re on the road to, well, adventure.

The Adventures functionality is already live on the latest version of the Fitbit app. Click the button below to snag it from the Google Play Store. Give it a whirl for a couple of days, then let us know what you think of it in the comments. Is it a helpful movement motivator or a gimmick not worthy of your time?

Get it in the Play Store
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