What Android Security Patch Are You On Right Now, and Does it Really Affect/Bother You?

By | 30th August 2016

Android Security Patches are a big thing. They attempt to fix glaring vulnerabilities and security holes in our beloved system, without needing to wait a whole new system/OS update. Google has committed to a monthly update pattern, and several other OEMs had promised the same in the interest of consumer safety.

But, the picture is not as rosy as one would want it to be. While Google has been 0n point for the most part, OEMs have lagged behind the monthly schedule. Quick updates for security patches are not forthcoming, defeating the purpose of their monthly nature. So we’d like to ask you, as power users:

What Android Security Patch are you on? Are you up to date with the latest patch released by Google, or are you lagging behind by several months? Do you actually care about being on the latest security patch?

Let us know in the comments below!