Google’s new In Apps search mode is an easy way to find info inside your apps

By | 31st August 2016

Google Apps

We use so many applications nowadays, it can be hard to keep them all straight. Now Google is making it much easier to find specific content within each one of your apps.

Today Google has unveiled a new search mode called In Apps, which will allow you to quickly find information within apps on your Android phone. To access it, just navigate to the Google app on your phone, tap the In Apps tab, then start searching.

Google Search In Apps 1

Here are a few examples of how the In Apps feature might be useful:

  • Find your contacts and messages. Easily find the friend you want to catch up with, or the name of the new sushi place that your friend told you about last month — just search for [sushi] and find the message.
  • Listen to your favorite running song or watch that sneezing panda video for the 15th time — all in one place.
  • Stay organized with your tasks and notes. Want to check off items on your grocery list? No problem, just search for [groceries].

The new In Apps feature already works with Gmail, Spotify and YouTube, and Google will add more apps to the lineup in the coming months like Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Evernote, Glide, Todoist and Google Keep. Oh, and this searching functionality takes place on your phone, so you don’t even need a Wi-Fi or data connection to make it work.

Google Search In Apps 2

In addition, Google says the upcoming LG V20 will feature a dedicated In Apps shortcut on its home screen, as well as an option to add it to the Second Screen. The V20 will be the first smartphone with this dedicated shortcut, and it will also be able to search through pre-installed apps on the V20, not just the apps Google listed above. If you were wondering about that mysterious In Apps shortcut on the V20 leak from a few days ago, now you know.

As per usual, the In Apps feature will roll out soon. I personally don’t have it yet on my Nexus 6P running Android 7, but I’ve heard some users on the Google app beta channel can use it already. Is this a feature you’re looking forward to using? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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