Dashboard smartphone holders are all about simplicity

By | 16th May 2017

It’s never the most exciting of smartphone accessories to be picking up, but if you drive a lot then it’s probably worth having. Since we’ve all got a little SatNav in our pockets now, all you need is a safe way to prop it in easy view while you’re on the road.

The Just Mobile team have come up with an innovative and simple solution, and for Android Authority readers there’s an extra little saving on the recommended retail price.

The Xtand Car Vent Mount simply clips onto your dashboard vent. The angle of the phone is adjusted with a neat little 360-degree aluminium swivel joint which tightens up to avoid phone sagging, and the adjustable grip comfortably holds just about any smartphone out there. Once you get where you’re going you can just unclip it and pop it in your pocket.

The adjustable grip comfortably holds just about any smartphone out there.

That’s it. No wires, no suction pads which could decide to nosedive off your window in a bid for freedom, no nothing.

Over at Tech Deals you can pick up the Vent Mount for $19, which is 23% off the retail price. If you haven’t got yourself a car charger yet, then the Vent Mount is also available as part of a package with a 2 port USB charger which plugs into your cigarette lighter. You can get both for a total of $32.95 and have your car fully kitted out. Just no watching Netflix…

If you want to check out this deal or find more specs about this nifty little gizmo, click the button below.

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