Instagram wages war on Snapchat with Face Filters

By | 16th May 2017

Instagram has revealed a myriad of new tools for users, including the addition of Face Filters, a feature aimed squarely at Snapchat. Face Filters is derived from Snapchat’s selfie filters that move with users in both photos and videos. Instagram is rolling out eight Face Filters initially, with more arriving in the near future. Face Filters work not only with photos, but also with videos and Boomerangs.

Snapchat has leaned heavily on its selfie filters as a distinctive feature unique to the messaging network. With the introduction of Face Filters, Instagram now shares every major feature of Snapchat. The image-centric social network also boasts its own unique features, such as Boomerangs, which have been successfully adopted by users.

Instagram Face Filters

Instagram isn’t stopping with Face Filters, either. The service continues to improve itself with a number of new tools announced today. In the camera, users now have the option to create a “Rewind” video. As simple as creating videos that play in reverse, the Rewind function adds a new way for users to get creative.

Other new features include hashtag stickers for Stories and a new eraser brush, allowing users to make detailed edits to their Story.

For all the info, head to the source link to see Instagram’s official announcement.