Modify the Screen Saturation and Calibration on a Rooted LG G5 with KPPD

By | 16th May 2017

Many of our users may remember KCAL, a kernel patch that brings you advanced color/gamma control on a handful of Qualcomm SoCs. For users with root access but a locked bootloader (such as on the LG G4), the original developer of the KCAL patch came up with the KCAL Post-Processing Daemon (KPPD), which allows you to customize your color calibration on the fly.

Now, XDA Senior Member Bert98 figured out that KPPD works just fine on the LG G5. Check out his thread if you’re interested in calibrating the display on your rooted LG G5!

Calibrate the Screen of your LG G5 using KPPD