Pokémon Go Adventure Week will bring more items at PokéStops, more Rock-type monsters

By | 16th May 2017
Pokémon Go Adventure Week

Another Pokémon Go event is about to kick off.

Pokémon Go will celebrate Adventure Week from 1:00 pm PDT on May 18 through 1:00 pm PDT on May 25. During this time, there will be quite a few enhancements to help you catch Pokémon.

For each PokéStop that you visit during Adventure Week, you’ll receive more items. Plus, Poké Balls will be 50 percent off in the in-game shop if you just need to stock up in a hurry. 

Adventure Week will also make your Buddy Pokémon earn Candy faster. Your monster will earn Candy four times faster during the celebration, which should help you level up your Buddy Pokémon much faster.

Finally, Rock-type Pokémon will appear more frequently in the wild during Adventure Week. That includes Omanyte, Kabuto, Onix, Sudowoodo, and Aerodactyl.

This sounds like a pretty great event for Pokémon Go players. While there’s no double XP boost for helping you to level up, Adventure Week will help you fill out your Pokémon collection with more Poké Balls to catch monsters, more Candy for your Buddy Pokémon, and more appearances of rare Rock Pokémon. So if you’re still enjoying Pokémon Go, get ready to head outside and explore starting this Friday.