Verizon’s LG Watch Sport has been cancelled

By | 16th May 2017

Back in February, LG and Google officially introduced the LG Watch Sport and Watch Style. A couple of days later the Watch Sport was supposed to launch at Verizon, but it was delayed. And now, months later, Verizon’s run with the Android Wear 2.0-based smartwatch has come to an end.

As reported by Droid-Life, the LG Watch Sport is no longer available from Verizon, with the wearable pulled from VZW’s digital storefront completely. Verizon confirmed the news, but LG has yet to comment.

As it stands, if you want to pick up an LG Watch Sport from a carrier, AT&T appears to be the only option. Google even pulled the Verizon variant of the Watch Sport from the Google Store. There does not appear to be any stated reason as to why Verizon has decided to end sales of the smartwatch.

To alleviate the grievances some might feel after the smartwatch’s cancellation all this time later, Verizon is currently offering $100 off any other wearable it offers.

Did you try to pick up an LG Watch Sport from Verizon?