Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile wireless service quietly launches

By | 17th May 2017

If you live in a location in the US where Comcast already offers its Internet and cable TV service, you might be able to get its long-awaited wireless phone service as well. Xfinity Mobile, which was officially revealed in April, has quietly started taking sign-ups on its official website.

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It’s not yet clear if Xfinity Mobile is live across the US, or if it’s just available in a few Comcast markets. The sign-up page shows that customers can pick a plan that offers “by the gig” service, starting at $12 a month per GB of shared data. There’s also an unlimited data plan that normally costs $65 a month per line, but Xfinity Mobile is offering a limited time launch discount, bringing the price down to $45 a line per month. While this plan does offer unlimited data, download speeds will be cut down if a customer uses more than 20 GB of data a month.

The plan with Xfinity Mobile is to give Comcast’s customers a way to get their internet, TV and wireless phone services under one bill. Xfinity Mobile is also selling a limited number of smartphones with their plans. That includes the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, which can be purchased under two-year payment plans of $30.50 a month and $35 a month, respectively. Xfinity Mobile’s phones will connect to towers operated by Verizon Wireless for their cellular coverage, or via a Wi-Fi hotspot owned by Comcast if one happens to be nearby.