Google Assistant adds iPhone support, text input, and third-party device support

By | 17th May 2017
Google Assistant

Today’s keynote kicks off Google I/O, and the start of the event has been largely about Google’s focus on AI integration. Last year, Google introduced Google Assistant to the scene. Initially shipped with the Google Home device, Google Assistant is now a part of a wide array of Google products. As of today, Google Assistant is not only getting smarter, but it’s also coming to more devices. Specifically, it’s coming to the iPhone.

The announcement specifically mentioned the iPhone, but did not mention whether it would come to other iOS products such as the iPad or iPod Touch. The move isn’t unfounded as Google has a long history of sharing its digital services with the popular mobile platform, but it is nice to have another option in case Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa doesn’t tickle your fancy.

Another big announcement for Google Assistant is its new ability to work through text rather than voice. Without Allo, the only way to talk with Google Assistant was through voice. Now users have the ability to type their queries rather than talk. This is a good alternative for people who want to remain private in a public setting, or simply as another option to communicate with Google Assistant.

Finally, it was announced that the Google Assistant SDK will be available to any third-party manufacturers that wish to integrate Google Assistant’s capabilities in their products. This move pushes Google Assistant to become an integral part of the modern smart home set-up. Google says to look for the “Google Assistant Built-In” sticker on products over the holiday season.

Google Assistant has come a long way in just a year, and today it’s going even farther. I’m personally looking forward to the text option, as I still don’t feel completely comfortable speaking to my phone.

Readers, what are your thoughts on these updates to Google Assistant? Will you be switching, or do you prefer another AI?