Google Home adds Proactive Assistant, Bluetooth connectivity, and 50 new features

By | 17th May 2017

Google Home has been a handy little device since it launched last fall, but some major features are coming to the little air-freshener look-alike. Today at Google I/O, Google Home Products VP Rishi Chandra announced Google Home is getting Proactive Assitance, Visual Responses, and much, much more.

Google Home has evolved since its launch, getting over 50 features in the last six months, including multi-user just in the last few weeks. We're now also getting Proactive Assitance, which give you more data as it begins to recognize and understand the context of your day. Google home will light up to let you know that traffic is getting bad on the way to work and you should get going. It's starting simple, with important things like flight delays and traffic jams, but Proactive Assistant will no doubt evolve s it comes to understand more about your life and your schedules.

We're also getting more services that work with Google Home, such as Deezer, Soundcloud, and Spotfy's free service in addition to the already-supported paid subscriptions. And an update is coming to let your Google Home turn into a Bluetooth speaker if you want to push the audio from yoru home that isn't supported by Google Cast Audio.

Google Home is also getting more TV partners in addition to audio partners, including HBO Now. Google Home will have a better experience when you try to play something on the TV with your voice, allowing you to navigate YouTube and other services with your voice and choose from a selection of recommended or Watch Later videos.

Stay tuned to more out of Google I/O from Android Central!