Google Lens Introduced at I/O, Allows you to Connect to a WiFi Network by Pointing your Camera

By | 17th May 2017

During Google I/O’s keynote event today, Sundar Pichai took to the stage in order to announce the latest AI technology that the company has been working on. One such product is called Google Lens and it will begin rolling out to Google Photos and Google Assistant. The feature is a set of vision based computing capabilities to understand what exactly you are looking at. I like to think of it as Google Goggles on steroids.

As a demonstration, Mr. Pichai showed that Google Assistant could detect what flower you are looking at and offer up relevant search results for it. You can also use the new feature to identify a restaurant you are currently looking at, so it will offer relevant data related to that restaurant.

Finally, and what I believe is the most interesting feature, is the ability for Google Lens to recognize WiFi network entry credentials and automatically offer to enter and connect to the WiFi network.