Google Photos launches physical Google Photo Books

By | 17th May 2017

Photo books can be a big pain to make.

You have to hunt through hundreds or thousands of photos in order to find the ones you want, have to judge which ones are really in focus and which ones are awkward, then you have to arrange them on the pages and come up with captions. Then you have to upload everything to a photo service, hope they don't get out of order, and pay and arm and a leg for them.

No more. Google Photos wants to make photo books as easy as the rest of their photo service with Google Photo Books.

Google Photos VP Anil Sabharwal announced that alongside all the other Google Photos goodies announced today that Google Photos will allow users to purchase Google Photo Books straight from the Google Photos website and mobile apps.

Starting $9.99, Google Photo Books are optimized by machine learning, allowing Google to select the best photos from your selected images and automatically arrange them, taking the hassle out of creating a photo book and allowing you to simply tweak what Google selects and order it up.

This may not seem that interesting to those of us who just share images digitally daily, but I've got a 96-year-old grandmother who doesn't know how to use the internet, but Google Photos is going to make it easy for me to send her photos from my vacations and from family events to send her and let her see what we're up to.

Starting today from $9.99 for a paperback photo book, Google Photo Books are available on the Google Photos website, and they'll be coming soon to the Android and iOS mobile apps.

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