How to use Samsung Health to train for a 5k or 10k run

By | 17th May 2017

Go from couch to 5k with the help of Samsung Health.

Samsung Health is all about helping you to build better habits, and become a healthier version of yourself. While there are plenty of folks out there who are already in decent shape, and just need some help to keep up those good habits, that certainly isn't the case for everyone.

That doesn't mean there is no hope though, and if you're considering taking up running you can use this app to take you from couch potato to a 10k runner in a matter of weeks. We have the details for you here!

Train for a 5k run with Samsung Health

Inside of the Manage Items panel, you'll notice all sorts of activities that Samsung Health can help you track and work with. There is one section in particular that may have piqued your interest though, Programs. Samsung Health offers four programs to help you prepare for both a 5k, and a 10k run, even if you currently spend most of your time curled up on the couch.

They have a program for those brand new to distance running, as well as for those who have done it before and want to make sure they're ready for the next big challenge. When you tap on a program, you'll then be able to see an overview of exactly what you are jumping into.

During the first week of workouts for Couch to 5K, you won't even be running.

This includes the number of weeks, the total number of workouts, when the program will begin and end, and even which days of the week are set to be your workout days. If you tap view workout schedule at the bottom right of your phone screen, you can even look at what you'll be doing on each day that you workout.

This makes it a breeze to ease into getting more active. For those checking out the Couch to 5K program, you'll see that during your first week of workouts you won't even be running. Instead you are getting your body used to being more active by walking briskly for about a mile.

Trying to jump into running a mile or more thrre times a week is just a bad idea.

These baby steps are handy because jumping right into trying to run a mile or more three times a week is just a bad idea. Running a 5K or a 10K is more about stamina, than it is about speed, and stamina takes time to build it. It isn't going to happen overnight, but at the same time you'll start to build muscle faster than you think.

Once you have added a program to Samsung Health, it will pop up at the top of the Samsung Health home screen, above your goals. This means it's the absolute first thing that you will see when you open the app, helping to ensure that you don't conveniently forget about which days you are supposed to be running.

How to add a program to Samsung Health

  1. Open Samsung Health.
  2. Tap Manage Items.

  3. Tap the program you are interested in.
  4. Tap Add Program at the bottom of the screen.

How to set your workout days

  1. Open Samsung Health.
  2. Tap Manage Items.

  3. Tap the program you are interested in.
  4. Tap on the three days of the week you want to train on.

How to set a start date for your workout program

  1. Open Samsung Health.
  2. Tap Manage Items.
  3. Tap the program you are interested in.

  4. Tap on the date to the right of Start
  5. Tap to select the date you want to start your workout program.
  6. Tap select to set a date.

How to view your workout schedule

  1. Open Samsung Health.
  2. Tap your workout program.

  3. Tap the green running icon on a date.
  4. Tap View Details at the bottom right of the screen.

Have you used Samsung Health to start training?

Samsung Health provides you a dedicated workout schedule to get ready for running your first 5K. From slowly introducing you to longer and more intensive workouts, to being able to see exactly what you are getting into before you actually jump into getting ready. Have you been considering a 5K? Are you going to be using Samsung Health to train for a 5K? Be sure to let us know about it in the comments below.