LG V30 rumored to include OLED display

By | 17th May 2017
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Hot on the heels of the launch of the LG G6, a new rumor has surfaced regarding what will likely be LG’s next flagship Android smartphone.

LG is planning to launch the V30, the follow-up to the V10 and V20, with an OLED display in September. That’s according to a source speaking to The Korea Herald. The source added that next year’s LG G7 is likely to come with an OLED screen, too.

Today’s report also mentions that these OLED displays will be produced by LG Display.

LG has traditionally stuck to LCD screens in its smartphones, so a switch to OLED would be a big deal. While there’s been nothing wrong with the displays in LG’s flagships, a move to OLED could have its benefits, like deeper blacks. Samsung uses OLED displays in many of its phones, and we've also seen OLED displays on phones like the Google Pixel and Moto Z

As for the timing of the V30’s debut, both the V10 and V20 were announced in September, so it’s certainly possible that the V30 will be revealed this coming September.

Does this rumor of an OLED-equipped LG V30 get you interested in the upcoming flagship?