New Google Photos features will give a major boost to sharing

By | 17th May 2017

Google Photos is getting a massive boost with new features shown off for the platform at Google I/O 2017. Included are new ways to share, more machine learning smart, and more.

Some of the biggest improvements concern sharing and finding the right people to share with. Speaking on stage, Google VP of Photos Anil Sabharwal showed off a new feature called Suggested Sharing. Essentially, Suggested Sharing relies on machine learning to recognize people in photos and quickly share them. For people without Google Photos, Suggested Sharing will offer to share over SMS or email.

Shared Libraries are another new feature where you can select who you want to share with, which photos you want to share, and from what date. These can be shared between people invited, automatically recognizing who took photos and adding them to communal albums. All shared photos will be included in search, collages, automatic movies, and more. Google is hoping this will cut down on the effort around worrying about who took a photo by congregating all photos together from your friends at a specific event.

Google Photos will, of course, also be the first service to feature Google Lens. With Lens, Photos can take advantage of machine learning to recognize things like buildings and paintings, or to automatically find and call a number from a picture.

The new sharing features are expected to hit Google Photos on Android, iOS and the web "in the coming weeks." For more from Google I/O, keep following along with our liveblog.