UMIDIGI to Release Curved Screen Phone with a 6000mAh Battery

By | 17th May 2017

UMIDIGI has recently announced their first bezel-less smartphone, the UMIDIGI Crystal. This smartphone has brought a lot of attention to bezel-less smartphones. It’s most likely going to become the new standard in phones, especially for budget devices. UMIDIGI has been killing it recently when it comes to packing flagship features in their entry level phones. We managed to get some info that they are soon going to release a curved screen phone with a huge battery, and it looks really beautiful. 

Judging from these leaked pictures, the most noticeable feature is the double-sided curved screen. Supposedly the phone will also be packed with a massive 6000mAh battery. According to UMIDIGI, a lot of users have been asking them to release a phone with a big battery and a curved display. Looks like they went the extra mile and are going to fill both these demands with one phone.