Cases struggle with curved screens, but not RhinoShield

By | 18th May 2017

It looks like the curved screen is here to stay; and with good reason! That sleek edging on modern flagships makes your device fit so much more naturally in your hand. However, curved edges introduce inevitable structural weaknesses to your smartphone screen. That means you’re going to want a case more than ever, but a big bulky case completely negates the benefits of a curved screen!

That’s where RhinoShield comes in.

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ this year have solidified the ‘edge’ as the new default for high end devices. This poses a unique problem for case designers, but RhinoShield has stepped up to the plate in a way that seems to put them a notch above their competitors.

The RhinoShield CrashGuard Bumper is frankly innovative. The conundrum that case developers face is that they must design something that balances protection with thinness. But the thing is, when considered objectively from the user’s perspective, protection is far more important than thinness. On the sliding scale of compromise between the two, most users would prefer to max out protection and compromise thinness. That’s why obscenely bulky, pocket-bulging cases have become the norm for many.

What makes the CrashGuard unique is that RhinoShield has managed to create something that literally offers military grade protection without compromising the sleekness of the device.


Glad you asked. See, most smartphone cases are made of rubber or silicone. Which definitely makes sense. You want something bouncy and resilient between the world and your pricey new smartphone. But frankly, it’s not enough.

RhinoShield has developed a unique polymer blend that absorbs 90 percent more impact than those cases. Their secret takes its inspiration from nature: a honeycomb structure with millions of compartments filled with pressurized air. These pockets absorb the impact much like an airbag, protecting your phone from damage.

Frankly innovative

This design means that RhinoShield is able to make their cases far thinner and lighter than the competition. They clock at between 10 to 11 grams, weight-wise, which is less than 3 sheets of paper.

The value of this speaks for itself. You’re able to enjoy all the benefits of your curved-edge smartphone without having to worry about damaging it. The RhinoShield CrashGuard Bumper can take falls from 11 feet or more.

The design actually compliments that of the S8 and S8+, making them fit even more comfortably in the hand with significantly better grippiness. The large cutouts make using cables and jacks a breeze, and the case bezels are raised to protect camera and back of the device while resting on a flat surface. You’ll still be able to use wireless charging.

The case has been described as “almost not there,” but if you happen to drop your S8, the difference between “almost” and “not” will become clear.

If you’re extra worried about scratches on the back of the device, then you can always use the back protector film, which defends against nicks and scratches in pretty much the same way a screen cover does on the front.

What’s the catch?

After all this, you’re probably waiting for a pretty hefty price tag. The good news is, there isn’t one.

Even though the RhinoShield CrashGuard uses state-of-the-art technology to keep your smartphone protected, the efficient use of its honeycomb structure means it’s literally mostly empty space.

That means that not a whole lot of materials go into making each case, and that means the savings get passed on to you.

Almost not there.

The RhinoShield CrashGuard’s price tag is competitive at $24.99. It’s less than what you would pay for other high-defense cases (clunky OtterBoxes are currently around 40 bucks), and it doesn’t compromise your device’s natural sleekness and thinness.

If you’re interested in keeping your new smartphone slim as well as intact, check out the buying options below to order your RhinoShield CrashGuard today!