How to Stop an iCloud Restore That is Stuck

By | 19th May 2017

How to Stop an iCloud Restore That is Stuck is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.

We will show you how to stop an iCloud restore that is stuck or still going after 24 to 48 hours — or even just all afternoon.

This can happen when an app installation hangs up or another restore problem happens, and it will prevent you from installing an iOS update and may deliver poor battery life as the backup and restore keeps churning through the process.

One of the best features of the iPhone is the ability to backup to iCloud and restore from iCloud to get your iPhone back to the exact same setup it was before you switched phones or ran into trouble.

While this works most of the time, sometimes the iPhone or iPad will say iCloud Restore in Progress days after you started. This may come with apps that refuse to install or you may not see any specific reasons.

This guide will show you how to stop an iCloud Restore that is stuck so you can get better battery life, install updates and stop seeing that message on your lock screen.

How to fix a stuck iCloud restore on iPhone or iPad.
How to fix a stuck iCloud restore on iPhone or iPad.

An iCloud Restore should take an hour or two depending on the content, maybe up to a day on a slow connection and an almost full iPhone, but if it drags on after that you will need to manually stop the iCloud Restore. The downside to this process is that you can’t tell what wasn’t restored with a checklist or error message.

If you need to, you can factory reset the iPhone and then restore from iCloud to start the process over and hope that it works, but you may end up in the same situation.

It is not clear why this happens, but so far it is not a common problem for us. Here is how you can stop the iCloud Restore in less than a minute. This works on the iPhone, iPad and on iOS 7 up through iOS 11.

How to Stop iCloud Restore

You don’t need a computer to do this, and you don’t need to do a new iCloud Restore from backup unless you notice things are missing. Here are the short steps you will need to take.

How to stop a stuck iCloud restore.
How to stop a stuck iCloud restore.

Step 1. Go to Settings on the iPhone.

Step 2. Now go to the iCloud settings.

Step 3. On this screen, you need to go to Backup.

Stop your iCloud Restore.
Stop your iCloud Restore.

Step 4. On the next screen tap on Stop Restoring iPhone.

Step 5. A pop-up will ask if you want to stop the Restore, with a warning. Tap on Stop.

After you finish this step you will no longer see warnings about an iCloud restore in progress and you will be able to use your phone like normal. This is not a process you can reverse, but you can always restore from the old iCloud backup before you make a new one.

If you’re running into other iCloud restore or iCloud backup problems, you can use this video and guide to help solve those problems in minutes.

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Better iPhone Performance

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Everyone will see performance improvements on the iPhone and iPad but Apple focused n on just how much faster this will make the oldest device running iOS 12. The iPhone 5s will open apps 40% faster, swipe to the camera from the lock screen 70% faster, show the keyboard faster and in general deliver better performance overall. 

On newer devices you will see big performance improvements including seeing the sharing options 2x faster than iOS 11 and apps launching twice as fast under load. 

Across all of the models, when the iPhone detects usage, the iPhone will scale up processor power to full speed as soon as it can, instead of gradually. This will deliver better overall performance anytime you use your iPhone. 

How to Stop an iCloud Restore That is Stuck is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.