These are the 9 thinnest cases we could find for Galaxy S8

By | 19th May 2017

What's the thinnest Galaxy S8 case?

You wanna protect your Galaxy S8 a bit, but cases make it look a li'l plump. Here are the thinnest cases we could find!

1. Impossibly thin

Impossible? Yeah! "Air Skin"? Like pudding skin? Sure, we'll bite. You can find it for around $10.

2. Awwww mSnap!

Give your S8 a "Maxboost" (see what I did there?) with this thin'un. Only $10.

3. Thinness out the Ying yang

"Crystal" might be pushing it as far as clarity's considered, but this one's about as thin as they come.

4. Straight from the horse's mouth

At 0.8mm thick, Samsung knows what's up for thin cases for its phone.

5. Yihailu: Go ahead, we'll wait while you try to pronounce it too

Yee... High loo? Meh. Thin case is *thin.

6. Because nudity rules!

When it comes to phones. Put your pants back on, Steve.

7. Highway to the Geekzone

That girl in the photo is crying tears of joy. Don't worry; be happy.

8. Looking for thin cases? We have the Anccer!


9. Olixar are saying is give thin a chance

FlexiShield kinda sounds like a sanitary pad brand, but we're not judging.

Find anything thinner?

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