SecureTeen Parental Control [App Review]

By | 22nd May 2017

It is all about security. Most kids just want to go online and have fun- playing games, watching videos, email, etc. but as a parent you know that there is a lot of “bad” stuff out there and you want to help protect your kids from it. Today I am taking an initial look at SecureTeen Parental Control app/service. This service is available for both Android and iOS devices. (see the links below). The iOS app does a bit more monitoring than the Android app. There is also a version you can use on your computer. The overall process of the service is straight forward. First you will need to install the app on your child’s device. You will of course need to create an account with SecureTeen so you can customize and monitor. Once your account is created you will setup a profile for your child or children. You will then need to enroll your device and then install/setup the SecureTeen VPN. This will also create an unlock key...

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