Instagram adding location and hashtag-based Stories

By | 23rd May 2017
Instagram location hashtag Stories

Instagram Stories is once again expanding with new features.

Instagram is now rolling out Stories based on location and hashtag. When you switch over to the Explore tab in the Instagram app, you’ll see a new ring with Stories from people near you. These Stories come from people that’ve used location stickers in their Stories.

Also rolling out today are Stories based on hashtags. When you search for a hashtag, you might see a Story ring at the top of the page with Stories that include that hashtag.

If you use a location sticker or hashtag in your Story, it might be included in these public stories. If it is, you’ll see a line at the top of your Stories viewer list that’ll tell you how many people have viewed your Story. If you don’t want your Story to appear in these public Stories, tap the X on your Stories viewer list.

Location Stories are rolling out as part of Instagram version 10.22 on Android and iPhone. Hashtag Stories will roll out over the coming weeks.

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