Chromecast’s Media Control Notification Can be Disabled Soon

By | 24th May 2017

A while back, Google added a new feature to their Chromecast/Google Cast technology that would make a notification with media controls appear when you played something on a Chromecast or Google Home device. While definitely a convenience for some, the downside here was the fact that this notification appeared on everyone’s Android device that was connected to the same local network. For many, this is just something they didn’t want happening.

Not only would it broadcast to everyone on the same network that someone was playing something on a Chromecast or Google Home device, but it also gave everyone media controls for that specific play session. This is great if it’s just you and one other person in the house and you’re both watching or listening to something, however, that isn’t always the case. So this meant that everyone in the house received an annoying notification for something they likely didn’t care was happening.

It also meant those other people connected to the same local network could also mess with you and simply pause, skip or go back to whatever else was in your playlist. It’s fair to say that this was very annoying for a lot of people and that is likely why they implemented a way to disable this notification from popping up. However, the toggle was buried in the settings of the Google application and you had to disable it on every single device that would be connected to same local network.

So while that was an ideal solution for some, for others it meant the person could simply go back and enable the notification again just so they can mess with you. Thankfully though, Google has listened and a new entry in the Chromecast Help page shows this feature can soon be disabled on a device by device basis. So if you don’t want your particular Chromecast or Google Home device to broadcast a notification anymore, you’ll soon be able to turn it off.

Source: Chromecast Help