Some New Games in the App Store – May 2017

By | 24th May 2017

This month, there are several new games in the app store. This list contains three of them. There’s a strategy game with ancient mythological themes, a game with storyboards, and a defensive game featuring elemental attacks. Read on for more details.  Immortal Conquest:Europe [iOS, Android] This is a strategy game set in European and Egyptian mythology. The goal is to gather, develop, and deploy Gairo (heroes) throughout the battlefield. Players are challenged to successfully allocate resources. Here are more details: 2 million parcels of land 300 Gairo Upgrade Gairo by combining skills Create alliances Shardlight [iOS] This game is set in a post-apocalyptic world. It has unique, comic-book-like storyboards and an immersive story. It got decent reviews from reviewers. Here’s what they liked: “Grown up, well written, carefully paced, and genuinely interesting to explore.” – Rock, Paper, Shotgun “Shardlight is crafted beautifully with pixel art reminiscent of the point-and-clicks of yesteryear” 82%- RPGFan “A dystopia with style.” 4/5 – Adventure Gamers “If you’re looking for a classic point-and-click adventure, then...

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