Andy Rubin’s Essential may show slim bezel smartphone on May 30th

By | 25th May 2017
Andy Rubin Essential smartphone teaser

Two months ago, Andy Rubin teased a new smartphone with super slim bezels. Turns out that we might finally get to see the whole thing in less than one week.

Essential, Andy Rubin’s new company, today sent out the first tweet from its official Twitter account. The tweet teases that the company has “something big” coming on May 30th, but neither Rubin nor Essential have teased any other details about what’s coming.

Considering what we’ve seen teased from Rubin and Essential so far, it seems likely that May 30th will bring with it the full reveal their new device. The teaser suggested that the new phone is an Android-based device with super slim bezels and a display with rounded corners. Past reports have suggested that it’ll have a display larger than 5.5 inches and a magnetic connector that’ll serve as a way to charge and to add new features, like a way to take 360-degree cameras.

Andy Rubin is often thought of as the father of Android, having helped found the original company that was bought by Google and then spending years as the head of Android at Google.

Are you looking forward to the reveal of Essential’s first phone?